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What is the difference between a cabinet and a safe

A Lithium-Ion cabinet is almost always a hazardous substances cabinet that complies with the PGS 15 that has been converted  to a Lithium-Ion cabinet. These cabinets are in accordance with EN 14470-1, which withstands a fire for 90 minutes on the outside and protects the flammable liquids in the cabinet. However, a Lithium-Ion fire is always inside a cabinet and an enormous overpressure is released in such a fire. The hinges and locks of these cabinets are not designed for this force and open, causing the fire to spread to the outside. The addition of automatically closing doors does not offer a solution because the force of this explosion has dislocated the doors and cabinet. A Seefion safe was never designed as a liquid cabinet and is designed for the forces that are released. The pins around the doors and mechanical locking in the hinge opening ensure that the safe remains closed in the event of an explosion.



Does my insurer agree with a Seefion safe?

All our safes have been developed in consultation with the major European insurers. Where the PGS 37-2 still stops in concept, we will go further and all additional standards for hinges and locks and the handling of overpressure will soon become a requirement in the policies of many insurers.

Which safe should I choose?

Our safes are modular with different options and possibilities. Contact us for the right choice.


Which voltage connection can I choose from?

Our safes are standard equipped with a 230V 16 amp connection. The safe is connected to a free 16 amp group by means of a blue 3-pin 6H CEE plug 230 volt 32 amp. Everything is secured in the safe by means of an automatic device. A step controller has been installed for the Seefion 16 and Seefion 20, which ensures that the voltage is distributed per floor per X hour. This allows you to work on a normal 230 volt connection and the electronics of the safe do the rest.

Optionally, it is possible to equip the Seefion 16 or Seefion 20 with a 3 phase 16 amp or 3 phase 32 amp.

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Which format is right for me?

The Seefion safes have a standard version with shelves. A number of planks have been installed for each type. Need more shelves or shelves that extend? This is all possible. With the Seefion 20 it is possible to add 1 or 2 back compartments. This makes it possible to store backpack batteries and the charger fixed to the back wall. Each delivered safe is different and filled in according to your wishes.

Ask us about the possibilities for your company.

Locks on the safe. Which one can I choose?

All our safes come standard with a mechanical lock and 2 keys.

With the Seefion 16 and Seefrion 20 it is possible to add a number of options.

Electronic lock Basic, 1 master code and 1 user code
Electronic lock Multicode, 1 master code and 9 user codes
Electronic lock Remote, possible to hook into an existing access control system

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Apart from the fact that there is no extinguishing agent for Lithium-Ion fire,that is the reason that a burning car is put in a container with water by the fire brigade, it is a means that gives you a little more time. On average, the fire will flare up again after 20 to 30 minutes. So you can better describe it as a refrigerant

That is why the major insurers and we are not in favor of a refrigerant enb being offered as an option at Seefion. If it does become a requirement or someone does invent an extinguishing agent, we can easily add this to the already prepared safe.

Cabinet builders show off "automatically closing doors"

It looks very nice in the brochure. A door that closes automatically if you forget. But what if a cable hangs in the doorway or a battery sticks out. As a result, the door does not close and while you assume that it is closed.

A Seefion safe has a standard siren that gives a notification after 2 minutes when the doors are open.

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