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Get to know Seefion and increase the fire safety of your organization with the Seefion safe.

Remco van Kuilenburg
General Manager – Seefion

About us

Seefion exists because of an increasing number of incidents involving explosive battery fires

Lithium-ion batteries can be found almost everywhere these days. You will find them in smartphones, laptops, garden tools and electric bicycles, among other things. Lithium batteries have an extremely high energy density, which means they can power equipment for a very long time. However, the high energy density of the lithium battery also increases the risk of fire and even explosion. Companies with several lithium-ion batteries in the building are at increased risk. When the batteries are stored in a Seefion safe, this risk is minimized!

Our core values

It is important in a world where sustainability goes hand in hand with fire and burglary protection


High Quality

Seefion develops and assembles the safes in the Netherlands. As a result, we ensure that quality is guaranteed and changes to the regulations are implemented quickly.

High-end service

Seefion is close to the user with its selected partners. We listen to the wishes of the user and can provide sound advice. In case of any disruptions in the system, a service team is ready to solve this.

Personal and familiar

Due to the local partner network, the purchase, inspection and maintenance are carried out by a familiar face.

Why are lithium batteries so dangerous?

A lithium-ion battery is relatively lighter than other types of batteries. Compact but very powerful. A small mistake can cause a short circuit. A cell then becomes unbalanced and overheats. This in turn causes a chain reaction and then the so-called ‘thermal runaway’ (the process of combustion) arises. This creates extremely high temperatures, which release a lot of black smoke and toxic gases. This often has an explosive character in which cells shoot away with all the consequences that entails.

Such a thermal runaway can be caused by:

  • a production error
  • overcharged or deep discharged
  • damage from falling or impact
  • short circuit due to moisture
  • using the wrong charger
  • age

Seefion develops fireproof solutions for all kinds of batteries, so that they can be charged safely. Are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact us via the button below.

Curious about the possibilities for your organization?

Request a quote immediately or contact us and increase the fire safety of your organization.


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